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4 reasons you should eat organic food

4 reasons you should eat organic food

When you walk through the aisles of a supermarket, you will see a corner named ‘organic food’. It is one of the things that people now demand. People are now aware of the benefits of organic food, so they purchase these foods even though they are more expensive than the normal foods. Here are the reasons why you should eat organic food.


Contains more nutrients

According to research, it is found that the conventional foods have fewer nutrients. Organic foods have high levels of oxidants like vitamin C, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium. As the soil in which these foods are grown are managed in a sustainable manner, the soil is rich in nutrients and so are the foods.



Conventional farmers spray pesticides to the crop. So, the food that is grown contains pesticide residues that are harmful to the health. It can cause serious illnesses like autism, obesity, and even cancer.


Better for the environment

Organic agricultural practices ensure that the soil is not harmed while growing crops. The conventional agricultural practices use pesticides that pollute the groundwater. The soil loses important nutrients. But organic agriculture uses organic pesticides like animal manure that keeps the soil nutrient-rich.


Promotes local agriculture

The big agriculture businesses are affecting local business negatively. The local farmers cannot earn enough revenue and are struggling to survive. When you buy foods from the local farmers, you are not only getting organic foods but also helping the farmer to continue the business.

For better health, you should eat organic foods. These are chemical-free and nutritious. These foods will protect you from various diseases. So, for long-term benefits you must switch to organic foods.

Why is mattress a great gift idea?

Why is mattress a great gift idea?

If you are someone suffering from sleeping problems then you will understand the importance of a good mattress. If you are thinking of buying a gift for your loved one, then mattress can be a wonderful gift for that person. Here are some of the reasons why.

It gives comfort

After a hard day’s work, a person likes to relax in the bedroom. Lying down on a comfortable mattress can help to relax the person’s body. They will be able to get rid of all the stress. It will relax their mind as well.

It reduces back pain

Many people suffer from back pain and it affects their sleep. There are many good mattresses available today that can help relieve back pain. So, you can buy such mattress as a gift and reduce their back pain.

It gives a good night’s sleep

A good and comfortable mattress will give a good night’s sleep. Anyone suffering from sleep deprivation will know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy life if you cannot get enough sleep. So, a mattress can be a wonderful gift.

With so many benefits, a mattress is definitely a very useful gift. You can give gift cards so that the person can buy the mattress according to his or her preference. You can also take the person with you to the shop to try out various mattresses. A mattress is an expensive gift. A good mattress will last for a long time. The person will remember you whenever he or she will have a good night’s sleep.


Infographic by: The Sleep Judge

Why is tiny house a resolution for poor Americans?

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Why is tiny house a resolution for poor Americans?

The tiny house movement started to help people lead a debt-free life and to promote a simple lifestyle. Reducing carbon footprint was also an objective of this campaign.

The outcome of tiny house movement

People with middle-income levels saw it as a way to become financially stable as the majority of their income goes on to pay their house rent and most people struggle to pay the monthly mortgage fees. People with high-income levels found tiny houses very ‘cute’ and they took it as a holiday experience. They also used it as an extension of their house and used it as children’s playroom, home office or studio.

Gradually, people have started to see that tiny house cannot be the ultimate solution for middle and high-class people. As people will have children, they will need more space and they won’t be able to stay in a tiny house. However, the tiny house movement is now seeing a new light. They are now being thought of being a resolution for the poor Americans.

Tiny houses for the poor people

In many cities, experimental tiny houses are built for the homeless people. Changes in zoning law are required for this project to expand. Fundraising activities are underway to build homes having an area between 125 to 400 square feet. Various non-profit organizations are working together to make these homes available for the poor. The architects are coming up designs to build a fully functional tiny house.

Tiny houses can give an opportunity for the low-income people to own their home. They can then pass this asset to their future generation, helping them to be more financially secure.living